Single-Engine Piston Instrument Refresher

Avia's Single-Engine Instrument Refresher (SEPIR) is a challenging and rewarding program that will help you regain confidence and proficiency in both normal and emergency operations. Our intensive two-day curriculum has been carefully developed to go beyond conventional training by exploring operationally relevant topics in a real world context and in a creative and enjoyable environment. No boring lecturers or canned, "one-size-fits-all" presentations. No repetitive and predictable maneuvers-based training. Instead, be prepared to face realistic challenges that will not only hone your technical proficiency, but more importantly, your aeronautical decision making. After all, who says effective simulator training can't be fun?

Our instrument refresher course is a fun and rewarding way to reclaim your proficiency and confidence. Plan and execute a full IFR flight requiring critical decision making and problem solving, gain proficiency in the use of GPS and the Garmin ® GNS430 and customize your course by selecting electives that are relevant to your areas of interest.

An optional half day segment is available for combined Flight Review credit and Instrument Proficiency Check.

Completion Standards

Pilots seeking an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) are required to perform to the standards given in the current Instrument Rating Airplane Practical Test Standard. Flight review credit is earned in accordance with the FAA Wings guidelines.

Course Objective

To restore and enhance the pilot's knowledge, skill and aeronautical decision making necessary for the safe and efficient operation of a high-performance single-engine piston airplane in a single-pilot IFR environment.


Private Pilot - Airplane certification (or higher) with Instrument privileges. Reasonable IFR proficiency is required in order to complete the course in the allotted time.

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