Airplane Instrument Rating Course and Ground School

Performing safely and confidently as a single-pilot in today's fast-paced IFR environment requires the very best initial and recurrent airplane instrument training available. Avia's FAA-approved airplane instrument rating certification course has been designed from the ground up to go beyond the checkride in order to better prepare you for real world IFR operations. Best of all, the lessons can be delivered in either traditional or accelerated (two-week) formats to allow you to structure a course of study that fits your learning style and schedule.

Avia's airplane instrument rating course blends advanced flight simulators, Garmin ® GNS430 equipped aircraft and an experienced instructional staff into a unique curriculum that focuses on aeronautical decision making. Each simulator session incorporates carefully crafted scenarios that present real-world challenges and opportunities to refine problem- solving skills and judgment. It's one thing to have read about IFR lost communications procedures; it's entirely another having had to manage it in real time.

Our instrument rating course is FAA approved

Our aircraft flight lessons have been given equal attention, and take you on extended cross-country trips that are designed to give you maximum exposure to the complexities and nuances of the IFR system, and even international experience to the Bahamas if desired. So forget flying multiple approaches to the same airport in your own backyard, and choose a rewarding program that will help you become a safe, proficient and confident instrument pilot.

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