Garmin® GNS430 and GNS530 GPS Training Courses

GPS technology is here to stay and is quickly becoming the primary means of navigation for general aviation pilots. Most owners are finding the relatively low cost of installation is offset by the tremendous benefit and peace of mind GPS technology brings to the cockpit.

Despite the widespread availability of panel-mount GPS equipment, there has been little attention given to training pilots in the proper use of advanced navigation systems. Traditionally, pilots have had to learn on their own, with very little guidance from training providers. At best, the result has been frustration and disappointment in not being able to utilize the technology to its greatest advantage. At worst, an inadequately trained pilot can become a threat to flight safety.

Avia's GPS – Global Positioning System courses are designed to help you gain a thorough understanding of GPS navigation for VFR or IFR operations. Our unique program blends structured ground school, computer-based instruction and our Garmin ® 430-equipped flight simulator to give you the knowledge, skill and proficiency to perform GPS enroute, terminal and approach navigation.

Curriculum Outline

Garmin GNS430/GNS530 basic training (1 day) - An entry-level ground and simulator program that provides an overview of GPS technology, GPS approach criteria and GarminGNS430/530 functionality. Course includes two hours of hands-on device (simulator) time flying RNAV (GPS) approach procedures.

Garmin GNS430/GNS530 advanced training (2-3 days) - Avia's Advanced program incorporates the Basic course material, but delivers a more intensive training experience that is designed to give pilots a thorough understanding of GPS procedures and operations. In addition, the course focuses on the Garmin GNS430/530 GPS NAV/COM including its features, functionality and real world "gotchas". Pilots gain a thorough understanding of GPS design criteria and practice multiple GPS approaches in a variety of circumstances and locations.

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