Accelerated Instrument Refresher

When it comes to maintaining IFR currency, there's no faster or more convenient approach than Avia's simulator-based Accelerated Instrument Refresher (AIR) program. In a single three-hour session delivered in the comfort of our advanced training device, you'll complete all of the requirements of 14CFR61.57(c). Our unique reconfigurable simulator allows pilots to select from several popular single or twin engine models, while the Garmin ® GNS430 offers the latest in IFR GPS technology. Participants may select from one of our prepared scenarios, or choose any other location of interest. So if you're ready to improve your instrument skills in a challenging and rewarding environment while satisfying regulatory requirements, then step up to Avia's Accelerated Instrument Refresher. After all, who says effective simulator training can't be fun?

Our accelerated instrument refresher courses are a fun, convenient and affordable way to maintain IFR currency for single or multi-engine configurations. Fly unfamiliar approaches away from your home airport, including challenging missed approach procedures and practice emergency procedures, including partial panel operations, with realistic malfunctions.

Course Objectives for Accelerated Instrument Refresher

To satisfy the instrument recency of experience requirements of 14CFR 61.57(c) to include six approaches, holding procedures and intercepting and tracking of courses.

Accelerated Instrument Refresher Prerequisites

Private Pilot - Airplane certification (or higher) with Instrument privileges. Must have met the requirements of 14CFR61.57(c) or (d) within the previous 12 calendar months. Reasonable IFR proficiency is required in order to complete the course in the allotted time.

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