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  • Controlled Environment

  • Enhanced Learning

  • Targeted Training

  • Cost Effective

  • Efficient

  • Train Anytime

  • No Aircraft Wear
    & Tear

  • Safe








ADVANTAGES - Why Simulator Training?

Why IFR Training Simulators?

The benefits of IFR training simulators have long been recognized by the airlines, a fact which helps account for their incomparable safety record.

Simulators provide a safe environment within which pilots can practice and explore without threat. Simulator training fosters critical thinking skills by allowing pilots to implement decisions in real time without the constraints of training in the airplane (weather, ATC, airspace, etc).

IFR training simulators are an incredibly cost-effective solution that offer far greater value than training in an aircraft alone. Because instruction takes place in a controlled setting, the instructor and student are free to focus on lesson objectives without external interference. Instructors can carefully regulate task loading to ensure students have an appropriate level of workload during each phase of the learning process.

Should a pilot need assistance with a particular task or procedure, the simulator affords the pilot the ability to quickly and easily repeat items until proficient. The option to pause the simulator and discuss key training points makes the simulator a powerful and effective training tool.

Simulators open up a world of opportunities by allowing pilots to fly outside their hometown and deal with new and unique challenges. Pilots can broaden the scope and depth of their knowledge by engaging in scenarios that incorporate unusual weather, terrain, procedures and emergencies.

Today's advanced training devices are marvels of technology that recreate the flying experience with unprecedented realism. Coupled with an experienced instructor and an innovative curriculum, simulator training brings a new level of safety, competence and peace of mind to the pilot.

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