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ADVANTAGES - Real World Training

Real World IFR Simulator Training

Our training philosophy is a simple one. Train the way you fly; fly the way you train. Avia's unique approach to IFR simulator training goes far beyond traditional maneuvers-based training and incorporates carefully crafted scenario-based activities that follow a typical flight profile requiring the pilot to utilize skills, knowledge and experience to effectively and proficiently effect the outcome. By delivering lessons in a real world context, pilots not only get to practice physical skills, but also gain the opportunity to refine their aeronautical decision-making and judgment.

There is a great deal more to instrument proficiency than flying a good approach. Yet, most IFR training focuses only on technical skills that are assessed out of context. Each of our courses incorporates scenarios that cover all the elements of a complete IFR flight, from preflight weather brief through touchdown. Scenarios are conducted in real time and challenge the pilot with realistic situations an distractions. Most importantly, because each session is designed with multiple outcomes, it is the pilot's judgment and decision-making that ultimately determine the conclusion...just like in the airplane.

The airlines have relied on similar Line Oriented Simulator (LOS) training for years to better equip their pilots with the skills and discipline necessary for safe flight operations. To learn more about this exciting and highly effective method of training, and its application to general aviation, visit the FAA online at www.faa.gov and search on keyword "FITS."