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ADVANTAGES - State-of-the-Art Devices

State-of-the-Art Flight Training Devices (Garmin 430 Equipped)

Quality simulation training demands quality training devices. Avia's fully enclosed advanced aviation training devices (AATDs) are faithful airplane reproductions that deliver an incredibly realistic training experience. While our AATDs are approved to Level 3 FTD equivalency by the Federal Aviation Administration, we go well beyond the minimum certification requirements.

Each Garmin 430-equipped simulator utilizes a multi-screen, cinematic-style visual projection system that generates a wide field of view for unsurpassed fidelity and sense of motion. Just about any environmental condition can be rendered with lifelike quality, including day and night operations in virtually all types of weather.

The visual display incorporates worldwide satellite imagery to produce beautifully textured scenes that are geographically accurate. A global navigational database allows pilots to practice published procedures at almost any location on Earth.

Because our devices are reconfigurable, chances are you can train in the make and model you fly. Accurate aircraft performance data and flight modeling are available for a variety of popular singles and twins, and the instrument panel can be arranged in a layout familiar to you through the use of custom bezels and throttle quadrants. Plus, our on-board video camera captures the entire training session for later debrief and self review.

In addition to a standard avionics suite, Avia's devices are equipped with a fully-functional Garmin GNS430 GPS/NAV/COM. For pilots new to Garmin, there is simply no better place to learn its sophisticated features than in the comfort of our simulator while under the guidance of an experienced instructor. In fact, Avia has created courses dedicated to the Garmin 430/530 series that have been designed to make your transition smooth and enjoyable.

And when it comes time to upgrade to a fully integrated glass cockpit, our comprehensive Garmin G1000® and Avidyne Entegra® programs impart the knowledge and proficiency you need to take full advantage of these state-of-the-art systems.