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ADVANTAGES - Instrument Training Value

Instrument Training Cost and Value

Your training is an investment. And like every investment, you seek the greatest return. No other training facility, including the "big name" centers, offers you Avia's unique combination of quality, customer service and price.

At Avia, we recognize that customer oriented training begins with the customer. Don't expect a generic "one-size-fits-all" curriculum. Instead, our personalized approach to training addresses the individual needs and requirements of each pilot to ensure that every session is relevant and meaningful.

Prior to arriving at our facility, each customer participates in a personal interview that helps us to prepare the most suitable and effective training program possible.

Our modern facilities, experienced instructors, new generation training devices and scenario-based curriculum give our customers the edge over the competition. By creating training solutions that serve our individual customers, Avia provides an exceptional level of quality and value.

Try us and decide for yourself. We think you'll agree that when it comes to professional simulator-based training for the general and business aviation community, Avia is the clear choice.