Specialty Courses

Avia offers a number of Specialty Courses designed to address unique training requirements. Contact us for additional details.


Type-Specific Initial and Recurrent

Advanced IFR: Beyond the Checkride

Glass Cockpit Transition

High-Altitude Endorsement

Complex Endorsement

High-Performance Endorsement

Multi-Engine Rating

Spatial Disorientation

Upset Recovery

Flight Companion (Pinch-Hitter)

Turboprop Transition

Multi-Crew Cockpit Procedures

Airline Interview Preparation

Pilot Screening and Assessment







Innovative IFR Courses for the Real World

In addition to our featured IFR courses, Avia offers a number of specialty instrument courses designed to broaden and refine your knowledge, proficiency and aeronautical decision making. For additional information on any of our programs, or to enroll, please contact us today.


Featured Courses