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Avia IFR Training Centers - The Best IFR Training in Florida

Instrument training is serious business. While many schools offer initial and recurrent courses designed to prepare you for a checkride, Avia is dedicated exclusively to providing you with the very best IFR training possible. Our extraordinary commitment to your success begins with a highly-qualified instructional staff that shares their real world experiences for a more practical approach to training. When you choose to train with Avia, you can expect to fly with mature, knowledgeable instructors focused on YOU.

Instrument training requires the use of sophisticated simulators, in addition to well-equipped aircraft. Each of Avia's courses incorporates the use of highly realistic Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs) that deliver an unparalleled educational experience. Read more here about the value of flight simulators.

Today's general aviation cockpits offer technologies that rival that of modern airliners. While professional pilots undergo comprehensive initial and recurrent training on their equipment, general aviation pilots are often inadequately trained in the functionality of advanced navigation systems. At Avia, the use of GPS and glass cockpit functionality is integrated into each curriculum to help you become a safer, more confident and more proficient instrument pilot.